jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Being a Nurse, these are the reasons why I did not vote her.

Juan Mijana. Nurse at Posadas´Hospital in the province of Buenos Aires.

I did not vote her because:
1. Because the situation of nurses in Argentina is becoming more and more critical and Mrs. Kirchner only offers a project that is impossible to carry on (and such project lost credibility in the parliament).
2. Despite the announced “Plan for the development of Nursing,” the lives of Argentinian nurses have not improved, by lack of action of the Parliament and her ministers (there was not the establishment of any plan).
3. Because wages are not enough to cover the basic needs for food, shelter and housing.
4. Despite the announcements of economic prosperity, the nurses do not have it…we continue to be forced to work in different Institutions, Hospitals all week long, if we are lucky to get 2 jobs, to pay our bills.
5. Because the contract for working are precarious, irregular and unstable. This contract is written from the Executive, the government, who speaks decent work but forces all its employees to sign a contract that is trash 48.
6. Because in Buenos Aires, the police that used to work at hospitals were taken away of their position and left all the work places engaged in ongoing situations of escalating violence that exposes nurses to be injured and even high levels of stress in front of dangerous situations for patients and all the co-workers in the hospital. Violence against nursing staff, even shown by the media as entertainment, became a common situation nowadays.
7. Because the plan of education to become a Nurse is classified by the government as “Nurse Technicians”. They do not consider us Professionals or that Nursing is a profession. This means a setback in the history of Argentinian Nursing and adversely affects critical patient care services in Private and Public Health. The creation of this situation bears the stamp Kirchner.
8. Because the shortage of nurses affects the rest of the nurses who are working in a situation that can only be stressful and, unfortunately, affects the quality of care to patients. The level of stress that a Nurse has to put up with is growing up, and we have reports of physical and psychological appearance of the Burn out syndrome. The government talks about data of a limited number of nurses in the country, but we have over 20,000 unemployed colleagues across the country, and the government says there is no money for employing more nurses.
9. Because they have presented several projects in the congress and with the senators that would benefit all nurses and have not been taken into account. Not even appealed to the presidential decree or resolution. The government does not even recognize the existence of Nursing.
10. Because it violates the law of the Professional Practice of Nursing in several articles with the government complicity.
11. Because it does not Promote Decent Work at all levels and not considered a personal pension scheme for 25 years of unhealthiness way of working. There is not retirement age reduction and a pension 82 % flexible according to the economic situation of the country.
12. Despite the presentation of projects, Mrs. Kirchner has not improved the conditions and working environment and has not followed the Convention 149 of the International Labour Organization and its Recommendation Number: 157.
13. Because there are not nursing vacancies to fulfill the National, federal and different districts Health care system to promote the right number of nurses to take care properly of the patients according to the Ministry resolution 195/95 belonging to the program that guarantees the quality of the medical service.
14. Finally, I did not vote Mrs. Kirchner because she has not promoted a Plan to improve the Profession of Nursing.

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